My name is Tara……I have a passion for exploring new ways to help people!! I have spent my life looking for new and awesome ways to help any ailments I have created for myself and how to overcome my own limiting beliefs, knowledge and fear. The healing modality I present here is for all people searching for a new story, for healing, and for life!

Let me first explain a little something about myself before we get into the serious talk of healing. I’ve been searching for healing for as long as I can remember, though I was raised Christian and had a wonderful background of logic and medicine…I remained fixed on an idea that if we were made in the image of God, and He was able to heal anyone or anything, then logic would follow that we can heal ourselves just as Jesus healed those around Him.

Years of college and nursing school taught me that everything was black and white, you treat symptoms but you can’t cure. A doctor can diagnose what is wrong physically with a person, but has no interest with the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that created that dis-ease. I can save your life with ACLS protocols/guidelines that involve CPR, cardioversion, medications that can stimulate a heartbeat or stop it completely…but I sure as hell was never taught what TFE’s (thoughts, feelings, emotions) or beliefs brought that person/neonate to code in our ICU or NICU. Working 12 hour shifts with adults, neonates, and their parents, I started to quickly gather the processes of emotions and thoughts that would lead them into a dis-eased state…but seemingly I was powerless to help them. And when it came down to it, most of my patients never wanted help.

I had first wanted to be a nurse when I was diagnosed at 13 with Type 1 Diabetes, the type of diabetes that is autoimmune, incurable, and filled with multitudes of problems down the road if not managed properly. I remember vividly the week that I spent in ICU after being diagnosed and thinking to myself, as I watched insulin drip slowly into my vein from a hanging IV bag, that I would be cured of this! And I would find a way no matter what!

When my 20’s came along, I found myself deeply troubled and consumed by depression, self abuse, eating disorders, horrible relationships, and the constant search to change all of it! I delved into hypnotherapy, counseling, EMDR, PSTEC, Theta healing, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Entrainment, Chinese Energetics, The Healing Codes, Tong Ren, and many energetic practitioners that didn’t have any certain modality to their names. I kept searching because I couldn’t find a way out of my own destruction of self and my ability to magically create destruction in my life, but somehow not able to uncreate it! My power to create was apparently magnificent, but it was the wrong creation every time! So my search was to find a way that allowed healing on ALL levels, not just the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of a problem…but the physical, the DNA, and the spiritual aspect as well.

There is more to my story of course, but I’ve created this blog so people are able to not just hear my struggles, but to be able to take the lessons learned from my mistakes and apply that teaching to their lives. And from my struggles I was given my own healing modality…

As I spent extensive amounts of time in meditation and in self healing, one day I discovered myself in front of a mirror in a realm I had never before visited. As I looked in this mirror I knew I was standing in front of it but I couldn’t see myself so I asked God to change the picture I was seeing. Immediately I saw myself as transparent, with cobalt blue streaks of electricity flowing through my meridians…my hands! My hands were on fire! I could physically feel them light up and flow this blue/crystal light through them and they would fluctuate between feeling tingly and hot. Now in this meditation I saw a man in a brown robe walk up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder…he led to me another man lying on the ground. Immediately I knew this was a patient (being in nursing mode) and someone that couldn’t walk. This man put my hands, that were still running this crystalline light, on this patient on the floor and this flash of light came rushing through my hands and ran through this patient. The patient immediately got up from the floor and walked away healed. I looked at the man in the brown robe and asked him what was I supposed to do with this energy and he took my hands in his and told me, “Heal with intent.”

I woke up from this mediation with my hands still on fire…still running this crystalline energy. I played with it throughout the day not understanding the seriousness or the implications of it, and I would forget about it as well. Then when I would remember it again I could intend for it to return and run through my hands. As I spend more days with calling upon this energy when I desired, I became more entrained to its frequency. When codes were called in the hospital while I was working but unable to go to the emergency, my hands would immediately start running the energy even when I didn’t call upon it. My hands started flowing energy when certain people were around me as well….almost as if they needed help but because I wasn’t aware of it, the energy would start flowing on its own.

I started flowing this energy directly to people, working with their ailments, working with their emotions and their anxiety, working with their bodies and their hearts…eventually I knew fully what this energy could do and on what level it was capable of working on! This healing was coming directly from my heart, the Sacred Heart! Where the universe flows, where the core of every being lies, and where the light of pure source and love comes from.

This healing I call…The Sacred Hands.

Tara Bryan

Tara and Whiskey (my Bullmastiff healing associate)

photo 1


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